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  • Pain and Opiates
    Anyone following news even occasionally is likely aware of the terrible scourge of opiate addiction sweeping our nation.  Many consider Ocean county to be an epicenter of the problem.  Both the origins and the Read more
  • Introducing Solids: How to Transition from the Bottle to Spoon
    Giving your baby his first spoonful of solid foods is an exciting time! Many parents look forward to the day their little one takes their first bite of rice cereal, Read more
    1. On vacation recently, Kim and I toured Santa Fe’s “Oldest House,” a 800 year old native American dwelling. Among the displayed artifacts I noted an ancient lice comb made of Read more
  • Is Eczema Causing My Child's Rash?
    It’s normal for a child to get a rash at one time or another. But one common type of rash, known as eczema, can be especially troubling. Eczema refers to Read more
    My colleagues in the ER so often amaze me. I have immense respect and admiration for how they manage such a challenging task. Every day can bring catastrophe–or several–that can Read more
  • Understanding Childhood Asthma
    A common condition seen in kids and teens, asthma is a lung condition that causes trouble breathing and shortness of breath. During an attack, the bronchial airways become inflamed and Read more
    I don’t at all get the piercings and tattoos. But why would I? I’m 61 and a grandfather: this is not from my era. However, that does not make it Read more
  • How to Help Your Teen Make Healthy Eating Choices
    As children grow into adolescence, their bodies require more nutrients to grow healthy and strong. But as many parents know, for those teens with busy school schedules, sports practices and Read more
    A recent newspaper column published locally highlighted a child with serious health problems that was being treated as chronic lyme disease.  The author complained that the influential Infectious Disease Society Read more
  • New Parents: How to Select the Right Crib for Your Baby
    A new baby needs a lot of things. From bottles and car seats to high chairs and baby monitors, an expectant parent has a lot of decisions and purchases to Read more
  • FLU SHOTS 2017
    Public health can be so hard. Obesity, alcoholism, narcotic abuse–each a difficult and terrible scourge on our society. Zika virus causing birth defects is a growing concern. What do we as Read more
  • Understanding Tonsillitis
    The tonsils are oval-shaped, pink masses of tissue on both sides of the throat. They are part of the body's immune system, designed to fight off bacteria and viruses that Read more
    We pediatricians spend a good part or our time encouraging young mothers to breastfeed your babies. The list of advantages to both mother and baby is long and worth reviewing. Read more
  • Infants with Reflux - Medication Risks
    I have touched on this subject before so I’m sorry to “go on” a bit. However, the subject–the use of medications for babies with reflux–is very important, and there Read more
  • Headaches and Children: Knowing When to Call the Pediatrician
    A number of factors can cause a child to develop a headache, such as stress, lack of sleep, skipped meals and certain medications. Other times a child may suffer from Read more
  • Does My Child Have a Food Allergy?
    Especially during the younger years, adequate food and nutrition is vital for a child’s growth and development. But for some children, a snack or meal as simple as a peanut Read more

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